vacay at st. lucia⛱

So here’s my big dream: after I get married, I want to go on a honeymoon to jade mountain st. lucia. To those of you who don’t know where that is, it’s a hideaway resort located in Saint Lucia island, near the Caribbean Sea. This is the definition of stunning. I love the view from the hotel room and the calmness of the whole area. Here’s a video of the living room and the pool.

Isn’t it simply gorgeous? I have been obsessing over this place for a year now and I just saw a picture on my phone from a year ago and I remembered my obsession over this beautiful resort. Okay, so after my husband and I swim and take pictures etc., we’ll head downstairs for dinner. Here’s a picture of the dining hall.

After dinner, we’ll go and have a nice bath, talking about life and how beautiful the place is, watching a romantic/ adventure movie.

Then to finish off the night, we’ll go to bed in our beautiful room.

Now you see why I would love to stay in such a beautiful place. Well, these are just my fantasies lol.


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  1. Chidera says:

    Woah this is nice

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  2. Ore says:

    I like this so much

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