following up on today’s trends

The thing about today’s trends are that teenagers get bored easily. Let me give an example, there was a time that everybody I knew wanted to wear Adidas superstars. I personally thought that if you wore superstars, then you were extremely cool. Then when I travelled, I got my own pair of the shoes. I wore them a few times then got tired of it. Now if I see someone wearing the basic black and white superstars, I think, wow that’s super basic.

The reason why I don’t really care about trends anymore is because I know it’s going to change. What I’m basically saying is that if you go shopping, you don’t have to buy clothes just because you see other people wearing it, because trends don’t fit everyone. Sometimes you just need to go your own way and be the trendsetter for once.

This is because things like crop tops, wrap tops, fanny packs, etc. weren’t always there. Somebody was there to set the trend. Here’s my piece of advice: next time you go shopping look for something that you know will look beautiful and special on you.

Being unique doesn’t mean you’re seeking for attention, but it means you automatically stand out in a crowd. Being unique means being special. Happy Sunday guys.


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  1. sekeenah says:

    This is a really good message and i think its really important for people to realise it.


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