Let’s go shopping with @shopenkay 🛒🕺🏽

Omds guys, I just found my new fav place to shop from in Nigeria. Not only do they have the best customer service, but they have such cool clothes. The shopping brand is called shopenkay and they’re an Instagram based shop (well that’s where I found them) but there’s a branch in Ikeja. To find out where exactly their branch is, go to @shopenkay on instagram and check the description in the bio.

My absolute favourite thing to shop from there are their glasses. They have so many glasses to buy from.

My favourite are the red oval shaped glasses, circled above. They can go with anything you wear, as long as you pair it well. Next on the list are shoes. They have many heels but my new obsession rn are these super cute pink wedges.

They are perfect for an evening out, like a dinner, or out with your family for lunch. They also have nice tops and skirts.

Imagine wearing this out to the movies! Or to the arcade! You’ll definitely stand out, cause you’ll be looking more gorgeous than everyone in that room.

Lastly, if you want to go out with friends, like a casual get together, then they’ve got you 😉

There’s much more on their page, go to @shopenkay on instagram and shop!!

For promos, email me: rotibiarianna@gmail.com


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