Regression to the mean⚔️

Hey, sorry if this is a short blog post, but i just feel like I have to get this out. There’s one thing that I realised. Nothing can be too good and nothing can be too bad. This theory is called the regression to the mean. This theory states that no matter how good things get, or how bad things get, it always evens out to the middle, which is both bad and good, cause after all, everything has its consequences.

This basically means that everytime something very bad happens, just remember that something equally as good will happen too. It means every situation in life will have both good and bad consequences. So just remember that if you’re ‘living the life’ now, then you’ll suffer later.

This is because nothing comes for free, so there has to be a time in life that you hustle. Whether it’s school, or work. That’s why there are risks for everything, it’s so people won’t become lazy. So just remember that nothing can be bad all the time and

everything will be alright in the end.



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