things to do when you’re bored🎡

So guys, I just want to say that I never get bored anymore, except when I’m in school, but only sometimes. So here are my tips for you on what to do when you’re bored!

1. Go outside: everybody needs a hint of vitamin e in their bodies so go outside and enjoy the natural view

2. Go shopping: one personal thing I love to do is go shopping. The thing is, I go shopping online, and I hardly ever buy anything. My fav online shop at the moment is pretty little thing. They have the best clothes.

3. Go over to your friend’s house for lunch or to watch a movie. (Well if you have any friends) lol I’m joking

4. Go to an art gallery: it’s really fun, especially when you’re going with someone. Or you could go alone and observe the art, just do you🤷🏽‍♀️

4. Talk to your best friend about the latest gossip. Oh and by the way, TRUST NOBODY. If you want to talk to your best friend about something, you must trust that she/he won’t tell anybody.

5. Clean up your room, decorate and put on loud speakers. Trust me, it’s really fun.

6. Lastly, dance!! Put on earphones, and just dance.

Thanks for reading, and I hope this cures your boredom. Love you


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