HOW WAS MY 2018? Oh thanks for asking🤪

This year. Has been a long year. It’s so weird how we’re almost in 2019. Was this the same year January was like two months?! It was my most woke year. It’s like this year was the year I was born. I now know my good from my bad. I now know my real from my fake. It was such a bad year, but it’s good that this year happened. Otherwise I will be so blind to everythinggg. Okay sorry sorry let me continue what I was saying.


Okay I can’t lie this year was also very fun. Especially this Christmas. I think Christmas was the highlight of my year. Summer was like the chillest part. I loved summer, it was like a breeze. It’s when I started my bloggg. It’s cause it was like a time when I was just okay with life, and I wanted to write it all down. I didn’t start my blog for the fame, but I started it cause it’s like my personal diary. Well things that are basically unspoken, but I want to be spoken.

There were some other times in 2018, that I was like:


Because some people actually TRIED to ruin my 2018. Loool. But idc cause Rayo always stays strong.

This year was also the year that I fell in love with supernatural tv shows like teen wolf, vampire diaries and THE ORIGINALS!!


Yes. Okay this year was a cool year. It had bad times and good times, but every year does so it’s okay. I hope after this, everybody is like:




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