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I put on my Instagram story for you guys to tell me what clothing brands to review. I had quite alot of suggestions, but for the purpose of this blog and how committed I am to it, I’ll be answering almost all of them. As a matter of fact, if you want me to continue my review series, then dm me on instagram (@rayo.r_) as you all know 😉


£– cheap

££– mildly expensive

£££– expensive


Fashion Nova is a price friendly clothing store for women of all sizes. Another thing that I like about this brand is that it’s gender neutral. My personal favourites are the jeans.

Look at theseeeee😻😻 I might actually get these for myself. They’re 30-40 pounds. These are really cute, but I must admit, it looks very uncomfortable. There is one thing I don’t like about fashion nova though,

… their ripped jeans. Please, what is this? I will never ever wear this. And this is the best of their ripped jeans I’ve seen.

Then let’s talk about their men’s collection. I would definitely cop this one.

Needless to say, I recommend fashion nova a 9/10.

2. Polar ££

I legit only heard about this brand yesterday and I’m in love. It’s like my style, you know. I love artsy stuff. It’s like very hippie. Wait just take a look at this.

Everything is very chill. They aren’t overdoing it and their clothes look like very good quality. But to be very honest, maybe they should do their display a bit more organised. But besides that their clothes are really cool, but it’s not for ‘girly girls’.

Love this.

If I was skaterrrrr nobody will rest. At alll. This is mad cool.

3. Sillet by Ash £

Sillet by Ash is a brand of velvet and silk clothings based mostly on instagram (@silletbyash) and it is mostly a swimwear collection. They are just a beginner brand. Their clothes are really cool and original, because who would have ever thought to make a velvet and silk brand. These are some of the fits I really like:

This is just a basic turtle neck, long sleeved crop top. It’s really cute and you can easily pair it with jeans or a mini skirt 😋.

I love these designs, but I prefer the silk, because velvet tends to get a little too warm. These might be different though. Although, they look very comfortable.


GTFOMW is an upcoming brand by people around my age (I’m 15 btw). I think it’s really creative and I really hope they grow bigger than this.

Buttt, I really wish they could portray more of their clothes on their social media platforms. But from what I’ve seen (their pop ups). Their clothes are really chill

I also really like this one:

4. Boohoo

This is an online store, which is very very price friendly and comfortable. It is an English based shop with many many influencers.

Their clothes are realllly good. And cheap. Have I already said that?

Is there anything left to say??? 😍😍

Okay guys, I’m tired now. Hope you enjoyed this blog post, ly💘


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  1. Ikedi says:

    This is great I actually found a new place to buy tees thx


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