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hey guys, I’ve had a long think about my blogging experience and what I have figured out is, I love writing. So instead of thinking of how I’m going to get views on my blog by seeing what other people like, I’m going to write what I feel like writing.

I want to base my blogs on reviews on movies and shows. This is because I have found a genuine liking to talking about these things (I usually talk to my friends about these things but I can feel them getting bored.)

So I hereby declare that my first review is going to be on a Netflix show called Atypical.


Atypical is show about and autistic boy called Sam, who wants to begin his journey on love. This obviously makes the members of his family rethink some serious decisions.

Sam’s sister, Casey, is 15 at the beginning of the show. She is incredibly independent and stands up for what’s right. She doesn’t treat Sam like everybody else does. She treats Sam like she’s an annoying younger sister.

Elsa, Sam’s Mum, is extremely hard working and tough (ngl). Although, as the show progresses, you’ll obviously change your thoughts about her. (Sorry spoiler alert)

The Dad, (I don’t remember his name, lol sorry) is struggling with the fact that his child is autistic and tries hard to find a connection with his son.


This show is so beautiful. I don’t know why, but people don’t watch this show because it involves an autistic boy (he’s 18 btw) and obviously, the storyline seems a bit depressing. I promise you this show is extremely funny.

Casey is my fav character, obviously. Well in season 1…. You’ll figure out why. She’s so cool and she doesn’t care about anything. Her boyfriend and her have the cutest relationship ever!!! It’s not like those cute ‘bf/gf goals’ you see on Instagram. The show shows them being extremely imperfect and ordinary, which makes them ‘goals’.

Ughhh. Don’t let me get started on Elsaaaa😭. I can’t say anything or it’ll be a spoiler.

Sam is soooo freaking cuteeeee. You guys don’t know the half of it. You’ll see when you watch it, which you’re obviously going to do, right after reading this 😉

The show ends on a cliffhanger and I truly can’t wait for Season three. Netflix said it’s coming though.

Rayo rates– 7/10


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